underbares: This Bra Is Your New Ride Or Die

10.15.2020 Life
Emily Moore
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Home is where the bra isn’t.

I know there are some comical nuances closely tied to this statement, but in all seriousness, it rings true. *cue ripping my bra off the moment I get home*

But then it got me thinking: why are bras commonly associated with discomfort? And more importantly, when did we just accept discomfort and continue to willingly strap ourselves in day after day?

Since we’re getting intimate, I’ll be the first to say that my boobs haven’t touched an underwire in years. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t still struggled to find a bra that is the lingerie trifecta of “barely-there”, supportive and still sexy. At least that was until I got turned on to the unmentionables that are definitely worth mentioning.

In fact, you may have already seen underbares featured on Vogue, The Coveteur or making a cameo on your favorite wellness influencers’ social feed. If not, say hey, to your boobies new ride or die: underbares. These bras literally have your back. Designed to organically move with you—not against you, they are devoid of painful wires, uncomfortable hooks, fussy strap adjusters, artificial lining, sweaty padding, and that wetsuit-like-smooth look.

A true you-do-you brand, underbares isn’t here to artificially shape or mold you. Instead, their garments offer medium coverage with support that intentionally feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

In fact, their underbares lace u bra is kinda like if a sports bra and a bralette had a comfy, elastic-trim-free, practically-seamless, baby that you could honestly say was cute to their parent’s face.

For all of you types that like a little symmetry in your upstairs and downstairs underwear, fear not, they do bottoms too. Our pick is the underbares everyday brief. We love the way they blend slightly cheeky coverage and a high-rise fit.

Let’s face it: if quarantine had a uniform it would most definitely be loungewear. If you’re looking for something a little more Zoom appropriate, they got you too. underbares 100% GOTS certified organic cotton muscle tee and organic cotton boxer brief is the leisurely look your WFH attire has been seeking since March. Comfy, but never boring, this oversized boxy tee paired with the boxer brief is suitable for any sex or gender.

In brief, underbares doesn’t compromise comfort for aesthetics; their line is the perfect blend of cozy and sexy, and whenever possible they work with recycled materials and all of their styles are ethically manufactured in Massachusetts — heck ya! Plus for those stuck in a size hunch, underbares offers a sizing quiz (although everything runs pretty true to size).

However, for me, the true litmus test came after entering my apartment after a very long day, only to realize hours later that my bra was still on. When it comes to “the home is where the bra isn’t”, underbares does not apply. In this underwear line comfort definitely reigns supreme.

For 10% off your underbares order, use code THEFULLEST10. Limited to one use per customer, valid 10/15 to 10/22.

If Emily isn’t hitting the trails for a long run, or nuzzled up in a nook writing poetry, she is most likely posted up at THE FULLEST HQ. She is a collector of unconventional trinkets and a lover of all things found in Erewhon Market. She is a proud Loyola Marymount University summa cum laude graduate and the community + marketing manager at THE FULLEST. Find her on the ‘gram here.

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