Since COVID-19 became a known presence and stay-at-home orders were imposed, most of us have been at home more than ever for the past six months. Our home has become our own little world—our safe place. The one place we aren’t required to wear a mask and social distance; the one place where we can literally take a big exhale. During this highly unusual and uncertain time, the space we live in, work in, homeschool in, plays a huge role in our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The positive thing about having our own little world is that we have the power to create it in any way we want. We can make it our sanctuary.

There are many ways to upgrade the interior of your home to create more warmth and peace.

Diego Monchamp, Creative Director of Brown Design Group, says, “when I feel ‘calm’, I find that my surroundings are orderly and clean with a sense of richness.” Here’s a few of his tips for helping you stay centered in your external world. 

Keep yourself organized.

Clutter is usually the result of something not having a place in your house. Try utilizing simple letter sorters or trays helps keep paperwork from stacking up. CB2 has this clever catch-all with a charging station that we use in a lot of projects. 

Make your bed and invest in some new sheets or shams.

If yours have seen better days, then it’s time for an upgrade. Made in Los Angeles, Matteo is our go-to for bedding and linens. 

Open your windows and doors.

Many of us aren’t used to being home during the day and fresh air can really give you energy. If you can’t see trees from your window, bring the green inside with indoor plants or trees. 

Rethink the way you use the rooms in your home + create designated spaces

If working from home, that formal dining room can be a good place to set up a workstation with everything that you need in one spot. If you need to double up and use your bedroom as your workspace, consider using cabinets with file drawers as nightstands.

Just like the once coveted “corner office,” find a spot in the house for Zoom calls with balanced natural lighting and some privacy. Unleash your style and create a personal vignette on a bookshelf behind you.

For kids, an unused guest room can be converted into a classroom or playroom so they can also have their own space.

Invest in a good-quality, (and good-looking!) pollutant-destroying air purifier for frequently used rooms. 

Entertain yourself or your family.

Light some high-quality candles and make meals more special by using linen napkins. Dim the lights to transition into nighttime. 

Add some personal artwork.

Like family photos, with an artistic flair so you won’t tire of them.

These are some of the beautiful ways to create a home environment that feels like a harmonious sanctuary. In addition, it’s equally important to focus on creating harmony in your inner environment.

No matter how lovely your home is, you won’t feel calm or at peace until you’re calm and at peace within.

Anne Van de Water, Intuitive High Performance Life Coach, says, “our inner environment creates a vibration or frequency that then impacts the words you speak, the actions you take and the way you relate to the people, places and things in your outer environment. So take time every day to clear, cleanse and tidy up any beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions that feel stressful or heavy.” Some ways to do this are: 

  • Become aware of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions to be fully present with them all. If any of them feel stressful or heavy, do practices to help you clear them such as journaling, breathwork and meditation.
  • If you want a harmonious and peaceful physical home, choose harmonious and peaceful beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions and relate as peacefully and harmoniously as possible with the people, places and things in your home.

She says, “The more you create this inner peace and outer harmony in your home sanctuary, the more you will be the change you want to see in the world and will bring the energy of peace and harmony everywhere you go.”

All that’s happened during this time has made life devastating for some, challenging for others, and inconvenient for many. The silver lining is that this is an opportunity to upgrade and re-prioritize what’s important to us in our lives. And after all, a lotus only grows in the mud.

Kelly Amendola is a writer, lover of beauty and seeker of truth. She is the creator of the wellness blog, A Lovely Life. Connect with her on Instagram @kelly_amendola.

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