You know that person in your life you don’t have to ask to do that thing you need them to do because they’ve already done it? That’s adaptogens. As the name suggests, these powerful herbs adapt to your body’s needs—meaning you don’t need to micromanage your immune system because adaptogens are already on it. Seriously, these guys can read a room. If your digestive system is struggling one day, they focus their attention there. If the next your adrenals needs some chaga and chill, they pivot accordingly, no questions asked.

If one less stressor on your immunity to-do list is exactly what the naturopathic doctor ordered, we see you. Get our recommended blends and brands, road tested by us, for you.


One of our favorite brands in our adaptogen war chest has to be GoldmineWe’re the first to salute the OG wellness pioneers who have been bringing us herbs and kombucha from a time before Whole Foods but we are in equal adoration of Goldmine’s modern approach to wellness.

This women-founded San Francisco brand was built by burnt-out millennials and has been specifically formed to create natural ways to manage 2020-era stress levels. 

We’re big fans of their Stress Support blend—a tasty blend of five  organic, adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body. Herbalist approved, this blend is a balanced mix of adaptogens to ease stress, boost immunity, and increase endurance and focus; think of it as your Swiss Army knife of supplements. For the grab-and-go types, they offer single packsFor the design inclined, their pretty, pastel jars are sure to match any kitchen aesthetic. And for the forever fans, may we suggest the pouch?

Equally, we’re loving their Supershroom Immunity Support for obvious pandemic reasons. Supershroom is nutrient-dense and packed with our favourite anti-inflammatory immune protecting compounds and polysaccharides. Made to specifically support and strengthen the immune system, they’ve also added a dash of lucuma and ginger for easy-drinking. Basically, it’s PPE for your insides.

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Okay, you know adaptogens are really good for you but you’re not a fan of the taste or maybe you’re just not a tonic drinker? Say, hey to kindroot. These clever folk took nurturing adaptogenic plants with aromatic, all-natural flavors and blended them into silky-smooth little lozenges. It’s a true full-body herbal experience that could not be easier to integrate into your daily routine. Lift your mood, sharpen your focus, unwind before bed or get your glow on with a delicious plant lozenge made with organic ingredients.

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Moon Juice’s Spirit Dust

One of our favorite stars in the Moon Juice galaxy is their adaptogenic blend, Spirit Dust, especially when combined with our Saffron Latte. The adaptogenics in @moonjuice’s Spirit Dust targets tension and irritability to calm and brighten your mood. Plus, when dusted into the Saffron Latte, you’re doubling down on potential immune strengthening benefits. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t do with a little extra emotional and physical resilience to get you through the end of the year?

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Have you ever tinkered with tinctures? For those who need a quick tutorial, a tincture is essentially just a long-steeped tea blend, but instead of extracting it into water, as with a tea, it’s extracted into a shelf-stable preservative, like alcohol or vinegar. If you’re looking to get your adaptogen fix tincture style, we recommend Wooden Spoon Herbs Adaptogen Balance. It’s a true anchor to help you surf the waves of the everyday, particularly in a double whammy pandemic and election year.

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