THE FULLEST founder Nikki Bostwick shares the items she’s falling for this cozy season. Snuggle up with her top picks including seasonal produce, nighttime reads, Ayurvedic-approved rice cookers, and heaven-sent (or at least down under-sent) chocolate.

Holden Hugs the World

Reading to your kids is a magical aspect of parenthood. Hudson Hugs The World is my absolute favorite children’s book. The story follows a boy who loves to hug so much that his mom named him Holden. In times of social distancing, it’s nice to remind kids of the human need for physical contact. It’s also a wonderful story that teaches kids— and parents—the importance of taking care of our planet, community, plants, animals and everything in between that makes up our beautiful world. Every child needs a copy of this in their library!

Molekule + Dyson Air Purifier/Humidifier

Sometimes you forget the impact of the clean changes you make to your life and environment–especially when they’re literally as invisible as air. By no means am I a newbie to the air purifier game and have enjoyed their benefits at home for some time. But it wasn’t until we recently moved the fullest HQ location that I realized the real difference they make. Our new office doesn’t have openable windows, so the air doesn’t circulate as much. Once we transferred the Molekule from my house to the new space, there was a noticeable difference in our air quality. My firsthand experience has shown me that although unseen, clean air is incredibly important to your indoor wellness regimen (along with plants and EMF mitigation). TIP: if you are using the Molekule, don’t connect to wifi to reduce your EMFs.

On a similar note, let’s talk humidifiers! If you’re anything like me and you sleep with a humidifier every night, consider the Dyson air purifier/humidifier combination. Not long after I gave birth to my son, my pediatrician recommended a humidifier. Turns out, it helped all of us sleep better. It became such a nice addition to our sleep hygiene, that without one, we woke up feeling dry. So, we kept the humidifier going and now even pack it when travelling, and find it especially beneficial in hotel rooms.

Loco Love Chocolate

I’m having a true love affair with this Australian superfood chocolate company. My friend Heather Culp, founder of Mercado Sagrado gifted one of their bars to me after our podcast interview. Honestly, everything they create is divine, even their packaging is its own form of sacred art. My favourite flavours are the Peanut Butter Caramel and Salted Caramel Crunch, basically raw vegan takes on Snickers and Twix bars, but you know, if Snickers and Twix had Lion’s Mane and Reishi folded into healing cacao. Plus, they offer subscription services, saving me from a panic attack if we run out.

on&on hand and body wash

Obviously, I’m a huge advocate of natural products and that includes soaps. Often people don’t think about the issues associated with overuse of antibacterial soaps, even if they’ve heard of the issues with the overuse of antibiotics! on&on is my favorite hand soap and body wash. My love for this soap is only deepening as time passes, I’m pretty sure it’s the soap’s beautiful and devotional scent of frankincense. You’ll find on&on in every room at my house, from my kitchen to bathrooms, and even my shower. We also just kitted out the fullest office too. We’re set up for success over here!

Rice Cooker

Most rice cookers are made with harmful metals like aluminium—a known neurotoxin and something to stay away from, especially if it is heated. During my postpartum period, I was lucky enough to have Martha from Surya Spa come to my house and while she was cooking her famous kitchari recipe for me, she noticed that I had a toxic rice cooker. Immediately she had my husband order this clay pot version for me on amazon. Needless to say—I went from never using my rice cooker, to using it a couple of times a week! As we start transitioning into these cooler months, it’s always nice to have something hot cooking in the kitchen to keep you feeling warm and cozy. 

Growing your own food/CSA boxes

It’s hard to describe the deep sense of fulfilment I get from picking the vegetables and greens from my garden and making a meal with them for my family and friends. It just feels so right. If you don’t already have a home garden, I can’t tell you enough how transformative it is to grow your own food, even if it covers just half the amount of produce you consume in a week. The second-best option, (or the perfect bundle if you want to do both), is to sign up for a CSA box, so you can receive farm-fresh produce from local farms in your area. Plus, the more we change the way we farm, the more real environmental change can actually occur!

Nikki Bostwick is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the fullest, host of the fullest podcast, and the creator of the Saffron Latte.

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