2020 Needs a Bath and These CBD Bath Salts Are The Answer

10.27.2020 Life
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At this point, there’s zero need to extrapolate on the headline “2020 Needs A Bath”. Whatever you are feeling, there’s one universal ritual for de-stressing that we love —a bath—but make it CBD.

Yes, you read that correctly—CBD baths have arrived just in time for the election.

Possibly two of our most revered and effective relaxation go-tos (lying horizontally in the tub and CBD), have been brought together by one of our favorite self-care pioneers, Foria.

Foria’s new line of Bath Salts connect you to the time-honored ritual of bathing, providing a soothing escape and leaving you feeling completely renewed. We mean, it’s basic self-care math: CBD + bath = serious relaxation. And since everyone at THE FULLEST HQ is pretty much a bath connoisseur, we knew we had to try these bath soaks out for ourselves.

Since each soak is made for a specific purpose, there’s an option for anyone looking to take a moment and go inward. Our founder, Nikki Bostwick, took couple baths and her review is in,  “As a young girl, I would visit the north shore of Hawaii with a friend of mine and we would frequent a hole-in-the wall wellness stand that offered made-to-order kava tea straight from the root. I enjoyed sipping on it and learning from the owner about its healing benefits—specifically its stress relieving properties. When I found out Foria formulated all three of their CBD bath soaks with this powerful root, I was really impressed and couldn’t wait to take a moment to myself and hop into a warm bath. As a working mom, it’s so hard to find time for myself without feeling guilty that I was just away working most of the day, but their wellness soak was exactly what I needed to give myself a break, take a moment to self reflect and let go of the day’s stress so I could go on to make dinner and step into my role as a mom and wife, without work weighing me down.”

Next she tried the intimacy bath, “This is a genius product because couples can really connect with each other while soaking in the tub. It is an opportunity to go deep, both emotionally and if you’re into it, physically. My husband isn’t huge on bathing, but the intimacy salts were a great way to convince him to join me in the tub! Plus I love the combination of cacao and mint in this blend.”

And for those of you interested in a soak to promote an overall sense of wellbeing, Emily, who runs partnerships at THE FULLEST, got her hands on the relief soak, “I’m loving the addition of these to my end of day soak. The CBD brings my body a sense of calm after a long day (or a hard workout) and helps me relax and recharge.”

All three bath salts can be added directly to the bath, “steeped” in the included muslin bag, or perhaps add a generous amount of your preferred blend, do your best salt bae and say, “time out to 2020,” at least just for a little while.

Also feel safe to soak in the knowledge that like all of Foria’s formulas, all three of their Bath Salts’ botanical ingredients are all-natural and grown pesticide-free. The final product is independently tested for purity, ensuring that it’s free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins and their USDA organic hemp is cultivated employing regenerative and biodynamic practices to enhance soil, water, and biodiversity.

For those of you looking to dive a little deeper on the science, Foria’s Functional Wellness Educator and Botanical Formulator, Colleen Gerson, explains the science behind the soak. “We have cannabinoid receptors in our skin that can have localized effects. If CBD is delivered by lipids and essential oils, it can potentially be driven deeper into the skin, especially through the opening of the pores from a hot bath. In addition to the CBD, the nutritive minerals of epsom salts combined with the plant botanicals in these salts can provide relief and support, which is driven deeper from the heat and presence of soaking in a bath.” Colleen also added that “lightly patting your skin dry and gently massaging your skin” once you’re out of the tub, can also increase that post-bath, floaty limb, walking on a cloud feeling.

For 20% all Foria orders, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

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