Why Everyone Needs a Bearaby Weighted Blanket

09.25.2020 Life
Emily Moore
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How do you get your evening OM on? Whether it be a guided meditation, a nighttime yoga flow, or nuzzled in bed with a book, everyone seems to have their preferred nightcap for optimizing zzz’s. But what about those nights when your zen switch just won’t turn on and your mind is clouded with running thoughts? When there’s no amount of rain music or melatonin that will keep you from tossing and turning?

On these types of nights I’ve been leaning towards my Bearaby eco-friendly weighted blanket for a restful night’s sleep. And for those hesitant to believe that a blanket can actually induce relaxation, let’s touch base on Deep Touch Pressure therapy (otherwise referred to as DTP). It’s the science behind Bearaby’s blissful blankets — and trust me, it’s legit.  

When pressure points on our bodies are activated, our cortisol production (aka: our main stress hormone) is reduced, ultimately leaving us calmer, less stressed, and voila… sleepier!

Equate Bearaby’s therapeutic blankets to a massage or a much needed long hug. It’s the evenly distributed, cocooning sensation that not only improves sleep but stimulates a deeper sleep cycle.

So what’s the difference between Bearaby and the average weighted blanket at Bed Bath & Beyond? Conventional weighted blankets get their dense fabric from artificial and toxic fillers like pellets or beads, but Bearaby is revolutionizing the weighted blanket scene by weaving science and comfort together with its filler-free, evenly-distributed woven design.

Bearaby’s chunky open-loop knit means increased airflow and its natural, breathable fabrics actually combat excess body heat. And with an array of colors and sizes as well as three weight options (15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs), Bearaby is the perfect excuse for a new blanket. Not to mention, it will sit beautifully on your bed (on the rare occasion it’s not being used)!

Peruse all of Bearaby’s sustainable, therapeutic weighted blankets here. And for the ultimate dreamstate, consider pairing your snuggle session with a Saffron Latte.

Emily Moore is a Loyola Marymount University summa cum laude graduate. She is an avid trinket collector, self-proclaimed poet, hot yoga practitioner, and lover of all things found in Erewhon Market (especially the Saffron Latte). She is the community and marketing manager at the fullest. Find her on the ‘gram here.   

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