Integrative Epigenetic Specialist Christine Dionese on Self-Advocacy

09.28.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

There are two sides to every question. It’s why today’s guest Christine Dionese, believes there’s a lot to learn when we table our beliefs and step back.

Christine is an integrative, epigenetic health specialist and longstanding writer for the fullest. She hosts the popular podcast, Well Examined, where she speaks with the best scientific minds in the integrative medicine and wellness spaces to discuss the intersection of science, discovery, intuition, and wellness.

In her practice, Christine looks to marry intuition with the deeper symptomatic messages of our bodies. She is an advocate for personalized, integrative medicine that does not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all care of western culture. Her approach, she hopes, will offer individuals the ability to align with their truest vision of wellness by joining spirituality with science.

During today’s episode, we discuss Christine’s path into integrative medicine, the anatomy of our own beliefs, and the importance of advocating for the deepest, fullest version of ourselves in both heart, mind, and body. Listen in below!

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