7 Likes with DADA Daily’s Claire Olshan

09.01.2020 Arts & Culture
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We like to think of Claire Olshan as the snacking artist. She has taken the act of snacking to the next level through her elevated snack-based lifestyle company, DADA Daily. DADA is all about taking a typically mindless or taboo moment and infusing it with decadence and indulgence — while still being super healthy and chic. This #momboss juggles CEO life with her 1.5 year old son, Maxwell, and swears by green juices in the morning and Chopin Dirty Martinis in the evening. 

Today she fills us in on the seven things she’s vibing most with at the moment…

1 | DADA Hand Candle

This candle is the easiest way to gouge up a tablescape, bookshelf, or bathtub accoutrement. It’s elegant, ladylike, artistic, and gives a chic middle finger flick off that’s meant to empower you when you light it.

2 | Nori Seaweed —

I’m a compulsive “let’s wrap that in seaweed” addict. It’s the crunchiest, saltiest, easiest, and healthiest way to make meals more festive! My go-to is a leafy green salad, sauerkraut (very into cosmic kraut right now), one full avocado smashed, all rolled in Eden Cove (red packaged) Nori. 

3 | Suspenders —

I have always been a real lover of a woman in suspenders. My fave look is buying jeans one or two sizes too big and wearing a deep button down shirt and suspenders (you can fine very chic ones on Etsy).

4 | DADA Cauliflower Popcorn

Sometimes you just want a snack, not because you’re hungry, not because of anything specific, but just because! This snack is not only unbelievably delicious, airy, and crunchy, but with just 43 calories a bag of PURE vegetables, you can satisfy everything without even having to think. I recently started putting it in salads and soups as croutons and life will never be the same — I mean, it’s basically, air. 

5 | Nicole Eisenman —

I have always loved art that made me laugh, cry, look, and feel! Nicole’s work, both 2D and 3D, is in one way extremely deep and complex but also beautiful and really easy to look at. I started collecting her several years ago and have only become more and more in love with her work.  

6 | Lisa Eisner Jewelry

I truly believe in the energy of stones. Stones hold the memories of the earth — each stripe, each vein, each shape. Lisa’s jewelry feels like it came on a one-way ticket from earth’s core — straight into hair and makeup, styled by Tom Ford’s Muse, and into the form of jewelry. Her pieces are simple and essentially magic.

7 | Leandra Medine’s Instagram

She is one of my favorite people on earth. When life gives you lemons, go to her Insta because she’s always serving up lemonade. 

Bonus | the fullest’s Saffron Latte

With all the unbelievably delicious milk substitutes out there, everyone is basically at the point where their motivation to get out of bed is directly linked to how fast they can ingest some type of frothy, creamy, buttery beverage that makes you feel naughty or like you’re having milkshakes for breakfast. That being said, when you have a routine drink EVERY morning, at some point you want to spice it up… literally. I love the Saffron Latte because it still gives you all the (healthy) flirtation of a milkshake for breakfast, but with an incredibly unique and amazing flavor. Shop our Saffron Latte here.

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