When was the last time you showed up for your annual physical and your doctor asked what you were doing to raise your vibrations? 

Lalah Delia wanted more of that. A spiritual practitioner, writer, and educator, she founded the site and community, Vibrate Higher Daily to get more people asking this exact question. 

After enduring years of abuse, Delia worked hard to overcome her trauma in both traditional and holistic ways. It was in this process that she had a life-changing revelation: “I realized through God that I had to leave the pieces on the ground and shift higher.” That’s when she began to tap into the powerful role that vibrations play in every aspect of life. 

Think of high and low vibrations like a broadcasting signal that is in tune versus one that is static.

Vibrate Higher Daily is an effective program that allows us to harness our high vibrations, while rejecting the low ones that detract from our joy. 

Delia teaches that vibration plays a contributing and interconnected role throughout our everyday lives — everything from the foods we consume to the thoughts that circulate in our brains. “It’s about striving daily and moment to moment,” she explains. “Wherever you are, find yourself going higher, tapping into the higher vibrational you, liberating yourself from whatever isn’t serving you, and stand in your power.”

Seeking a way to share the fruits of her journey with the rest of the world, Delia created Vibrate Higher Daily to supply its members with unlimited access to the tools they need to harness their power and tap into positive vibrations. These include online lessons, mentorship from Delia herself, a Member’s Lounge with curated content like videos and music, and a like-minded community dedicated to a high vibration lifestyle. 

Stemmed from the belief that our mind, body, spirit, environment, and lifestyle all play a major role in our mental health and wellness, Delia recognizes that there are many different factors governing where we are on the mental health spectrum. According to her, it’s the vibrational quality of what we have access to that matters and makes all the difference in our experience and personal lives.

Working to integrate vibrations into how we treat those suffering from mental health issues, she views the field of Integrative Medicine as a game changer calling it “the marriage between the best of both worlds: allopathic/traditional and holistic medicine.” She is appreciative that mindfulness practices have been showing up in more and more hospitals across the country as an aid for pain management, stress reduction, and overall healing. 

As a person of color, Dalia is particularly mindful of the importance of representation and challenges the traditionally white wellness space. She believes that by simply putting herself out there she is helping open doors for others. Her advice to those who wish to be true allies is simple: “Include us. Do whatever you have to do to include us. Open the way. Recommend us. Refer us. Ask and browse around to discover us. Introduce new faces and voices of color. Get better versed in honoring diversity. Call out your circle, company, or community if it looks too white and privileged. Challenge your beloved community to grow and do better.”

In today’s media-driven world, Delia encourages her readers to stand up for their beliefs and stay informed, all the while being mindful of energetic, mental, and emotional thresholds. She wants us to take our power back, seek good news and spread it to others. Only then will we be able to balance out the information age for which we are living.  

Sari Beth Rosenberg is a writer and educator based in New York City. Her most recent media appearances include TheSkimm’s “Back To School” 2018 GOTV series and the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum.” Last year, she wrote the daily women’s history #SheDidThat series for A+E/Lifetime. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @saribethrose.

Photos by: Christopher Michaels

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