Superherbs and Self-Care with Rachelle Robinett

08.24.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Rachelle Robinett never intended to launch a career in wellness. But after years of working in the fashion industry in New York City, she felt ready for the next step. She began exploring her passion for herbs and nutrition, eventually becoming a self-taught holistic health practitioner and clinical herbalist. She also created a line of herbal gummies, and opened Supernatural, a plant-based cafe and apothecary in Brooklyn.

Attributing her strong relationship with nature and herbs to her childhood spent on a farm in Rainier Valley, Rachelle works to give her patients lifelong tools for self-care. This begins with guiding them towards the root cause of their symptoms, instead of focusing on a quick fix or cure. She believes that food is medicine and shouldn’t be complicated — it can be as simple as picking up garlic or cinnamon at the grocery store.

In today’s episode, we chat with Rachelle about navigating the often confusing wellness world, ways to build immunity, and how she turned her passion into a full-time job. Listen in by clicking below!

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