Dr. Thomas Cowan on Harnessing Your Intuition in Wellness

08.10.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

With so many conflicting perspectives, it can be challenging to seek answers in wellness and nutrition. Today’s guest Dr. Thomas Cowan wants you to look within yourself for clarity, instead of deferring to the changing opinions of experts.

A holistic physician based in San Francisco, Dr. Cowan specializes in diet and natural medicine. He is also the founder of Dr. Cowan’s Garden, a collection of vegetable powders that aim to improve human health by increasing the cultivation and consumption of plant diversity.

Growing up, Dr. Cowan wanted to be anything but a doctor, and left his university to teach gardening for the Peace Corps in Southern Africa. Here, he developed an interest in biodynamic farming and grew curious about how plants could nourish the body. He became committed to practicing medicine in a different way, empowering patients to trust their intuition in diet and lifestyle choices.

In today’s episode, we chat about Dr. Cowan’s unusual path to natural medicine and get his thoughts on everything from holistic nutrition to parenting techniques and wearing a mask.

Listen in by clicking below!

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