The Multi-Billion Biz We Aren’t Talking About: Child Sex Trafficking

07.31.2020 Arts & Culture
Sierra Cooper
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2020 has been a massive year of awakening. The veil of our reality is constantly being lifted with uproars in the BLM movement, questionable COVID-19 reporting from the CDC, and the topic no one is breaking their fragility on (yet) — child sex trafficking. It’s estimated that human trafficking profits around $150 billion a year around the globe, $99 billion of that coming directly from the capitalization of commercial sex abuse according to the International Labor Organization

Modern slavery exists. It’s become an industry that involves the torture, abuse, rape, organ harvesting, and selling of the most precious commodity we have on the planet, our children. The language used around child sex trafficking tends to tip-toe on the reality of this issue. The term “underage woman” is used instead of a child. “Sex with minors” is used instead of calling it rape. You may drop into cognitive dissonance upon this realization, but does agreeing to the copy of national headlines push us to think for ourselves?

Perhaps our society would become more aware of the numbers of children being trafficked if they were reported as often as the infected cases of Coronavirus? Is there an agenda to mainstream media? The critical thinkers of the world are usually the first to be called conspiracy theorists.

We’ve been indoctrinated to blindly follow the stories that are fed to us instead of finding the agency to question our paid programming. Will the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell be the catalyst to creating awareness of child sex trafficking as George Floyd was the ignition to Black Lives Matter? 

Jeffery Epstein 

The convicted pedophile and elite financier who most recently caused commotion due to his little (or shall we say prestigious) black book of famous connections. If you didn’t know, Jeffery Epstein’s pedo island was once demystified as a conspiracy theory back in 2016 when ABC News anchor Amy Robach tried to break the story, as Epstein’s exclusive connections have been on the flight logs to Little Saint James (more to be released on who were on these logs in Virginia Giuffre’s defamation case). Why would ABC block such a story that directly involves child sex trafficking and it’s elitist connections? Disney owns ABC, in which we recently found out that prior Disney chairman Richard Cook has been identified on the logs. We’ve also seen allegations of Disney employees come out for being involved in child sex abuse, as well as the former Walt Disney VP Michael Laney sentenced to six years in prison due to raping a seven-year-old girl. Why is this important and what role does Epstein play in this global economy behind child sex trafficking? For starters, if he is the financier to top players who might be involved, this is the group we need to question first and foremost. 

Child sex trafficking is a censored pandemic and raises the question as to why the media is perpetuating the cycle by remaining silent. 

Ghislaine Maxwell 

The arrest of Jeffery Epstein’s right-hand woman (who recruited several underage girls for abuse) should be on everyone’s radar right now. Maxwell is currently on trial for aiding Epstein in grooming and sexually abusing children throughout his multiple estates. The indictment claimed that after Maxwell befriended the underage recruits, she would establish rapport with them by normalizing the sexual abuse (usually by talking about sexual topics or undressing in front of them). Maxwell would also allegedly remain present while the abuse was taking place from Epstein to help the victims feel at ease. To make things more interesting, Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father and British media mogul) was known to work alongside Mother Teresa, who’s charity went under investigation for trafficking infants in India. May the network of links invite you to dig deeper beyond the fact-checked articles of today’s stories. These connections speak volumes, and as we all know, money talks. 

Pedophilic Connections

Wikileaks first kindled the fire to the possibility of pedophilia embedded into the circle of our respected politicians. Emails leaked from Hillary Clinton and John Podesta (who served the Clintons and Obama in office) raised eyebrows due to ‘code words’ and symbols that have been claimed by the FBI to relate to pedophilic sexual preferences. Various swirl and heart logos have been represented in organizations such as The Florence Project (backed by Clinton), The Trudeau Foundation, and the International Adoption Clinic of the Kennedy-Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Conspiracies have linked terms such as ‘pizza’ and ‘hotdog’ to genders of children (hence #pizzagate) and made the investigation of Anthony Weiner’s laptop viral (aka: emails between Clinton and Weiner’s wife, Huma). For reference, you can dive deep into the notes of the US Department of Justice in regard to listing out a connection to “Crimes Against Children” and Clinton’s foundation. If you research all of this using a platform that is known for censorship (ahem, Google) you may not find this information nor, will you find media outlets searching for the truth beyond debunking every piece of the puzzle. 

Question Everything

We live in a time where we have access to push beyond the media’s influence over our own opinions, and there is truly nothing more liberating than finding your own answers. Again, whether this information resonates with you or not, let us not forget why conspiracy theorists are attempting to break the ring of child sex trafficking. It’s not black versus white or democrat versus republican. This is about the spiritual war of light versus dark. As the collective continues to question the inner-workings of who funds who in the pedophile world, let us remain grounded in the cultivation of awareness to end child exploitation. 

So, what can you do right now? 

Be your own news source and continue to challenge your deepest beliefs. Spiritual work is humanitarian work at its finest. We must be willing to reveal the shadow within ourselves first in order to illuminate the shadows of the world. 

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