The Guys Behind Olipop’s Iconic Branding

07.06.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

For a company that has only been around for two years, Break Maiden, a design agency co-founded by Kenny Coil and Marc Berenguer, has made impressive strides since its inception.

They meet us on the air today straight from their headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, a small town that is not necessarily known for its artistic culture. Nevertheless, this creative duo has already made a mark in the CPG space with one of their first and most successful clients, Olipop. Through a distinctive brand identity, they’ve helped Olipop carve out its own path in the bubbly drink space and line the shelves of many of our favorite health food stores. By using a holistic approach to brand building that includes website design as well as in-person activations, Break Maiden makes it easy for brands to communicate their message in an authentic and completely relatable way.

Starting a business from scratch is no easy feat, especially when it’s a creative one. Kenny and Mark bring plenty of wisdom with them from their experience, including their creative process and their perspective on the importance of education, in and outside of the classroom. So get out your notebooks – this is not an episode to be missed by any of you creative or entrepreneurial souls out there.

Listen in below.

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