Even A Series of Setbacks Didn’t Stop Cleancult From Their Zero Waste Mission

07.27.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

When it comes to our food and skincare products, we know exactly what we want: non-toxic, clean and sustainable. But for some reason, we don’t often think twice about the cleaning products we use. Despite how often we come in contact with them, most of our cleaning products are not regulated by the FDA, and most of them contain ingredients that we know nothing about.

Our guest today, Ryan Lupberger, founded cleancult to change the cleaning space by not only coming up with a simpler, healthier ingredient list, but also creating the first zero-waste solution for transporting and storing cleaning products—in ever-familiar milk cartons. This didn’t come without some trial and error, like the difficulties of trying to innovate new formulations that didn’t exist, and creating sustainable packaging within the constraints of a small budget. Every part of cleancult’s business, from the product to the packaging to its business model, is a result of rounds, and more rounds, of testing and refining.

The lesson here is that success doesn’t always come right away, but it does come to those who’d dedicate themselves to their mission and continue to reinvent the wheel even when they hear more no’s than yes’s. Listen in to hear how Ryan overcame these adversities and why he thinks that we can be more sustainable without compromising on our lifestyle.

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