Shield of Radiance: Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Care

07.30.2020 Life
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The socio-political landscape is at an all-time high in terms of volatility. Yet, as with any spectrum this ephemeral, it also means the possibilities are endless. Those interested in co-creating a new and positive reality, one in which everyone and everything receives protection and honor, must now take the field. To step into this level of leadership requires vision, courage, and, of course, a bodacious head of hair. 

Top notch locks for political power is more than a John Edwards, circa 2007 campaign strategy.

The roots of your tresses are connected to your nervous system and chi-meridians, thus ancient medicine systems noted that sophisticated hair care increased confidence and conviction by bolstering your nervous system depth, fortitude, and opening up your chi-channels.

Furthermore, each strand on your head collects an immense amount of free ions. If you clean and condition your mane well, you can increase the electricity running through your hair and build what is called a “radiant shield.” This vibrancy of your hair projects your identity, protects you from harm, and correlates intelligence and unity with every other living psyche on the planet.  

May this ancient Ayurvedic hair masque, coming from a line of special masters, give you the electrical power to proceed with political maturity, selflessness, and compassion — as well as a heady dose of can’t-look-away magnetism! Here’s to a bright tomorrow.

 It is time, now, to serve the globe. 


1 cup organic whole milk yogurt

½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice

½ teaspoon powdered turmeric

Perfumed oil (jasmine, rose, sandalwood, or gardenia)


1 | Leave the yogurt out overnight until it is dry. Once the yogurt is dry of all water, mix it with lemon juice and turmeric, creating a paste called “vatna.”

2 | Apply the vatna to dry hair, specifically to the scalp. (Be sure to wear an old t-shirt and place towels on the floor during this process as turmeric does stain and this process can get messy.)  

3 | Once the vatna has dried on your hair, shower and remove the masque with the shampoo and conditioner of your choice.  

4 | Let your hair air dry (preferably during the day, under the sun), and then dress your hair with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, or gardenia oil. (The ancients say that jasmine is suitable for any femme, rose is for the rich, sandalwood will make you popular, and gardenia is powerful.) *Bonus side effects are said to include great sex and the inability to get in a fight with your partner!

Harmanjot is a founding teacher at Venice Beach’s RA MA Institute, the host of the Immense Grace Yogic Beauty Secrets Salon, and the founder of Infinity MA, a Fertility, Prenatal, Birth & Motherhood support and training program. Follow @harmanjotkaur on Instagram for the latest on her classes and programming.

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