Agent Nateur’s Jena Covello Shares What She Loves

07.23.2020 Arts & Culture
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For those who aren’t already acquainted with Jena Covello, let us formally introduce you to creatrix and founder of luxe non-toxic skincare line, Agent Nateur. After Jena was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis, she took matters into her own hands and started cooking her own natural deodorant — free of endocrine disruptors — in her very own kitchen. Today, Jena’s it-girl brand ranges from pearl and rose hyaluronic toner to oceanic adaptogens packed with only the highest quality, well-sourced ingredients — always tested and backed by science yet safe and organic. Jena shares her wealth of knowledge on her new podcast, Nateurious and on her personal Instagram, @jenacovello.

Today she sits down with the fullest and spills her current obsessions…

1 | Finding a solution for clean water in America —

Our water system is testing positive for lead and mercury, particularly in Los Angeles. These heavy metals can negatively impact our health and immune system. Water is the most vital part of our food chain and affects our soil, herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables, animals, dairy, meat, and ultimately, our health.

2 | Medical Freedom —

No one should be forced to have a medical procedure. The more I learn, the more doctors in affluent areas like Beverly Hills are telling me that they get a better quality prescription drug (brand name vs. generic name) and better quality vaccines from places like Europe. I find it disheartening that pharmaceuticals are not created equal and that better quality drugs are given to the wealthy communities. No two bodies are alike, so a medication that works for you might be too aggressive for someone like me, who is MTHFR positive. I have a sensitive constitution and I don’t do well with any sort of pharmaceutical drug unless it’s microdosed. Medicine should be given to each person based on their blood work, genetic testing, and what their body can properly process.

3 | 8 Constitutional Acupuncture —

My friend Lauren Alexander, the founder of clothing brand LNA couldn’t speak enough about this. I had chronic constipation and I’m 90% plant based. Every doctor I told only recommended more water or more fiber but it wasn’t working, so I saw an 8 constitutional acupuncturist in LA. He tested my pulse and the first question he asked was: “What kind of water are you drinking?” I had been drinking Mountain Valley Spring for several years. He told me it was too alkaline for my body and I needed acidic water, such as VOSS. He told my friend Lauren that in order for her body to function properly, she needed meat. For me, I need to stay pescatarian. Within 48 hours of switching my water to Voss, my constipation was cured and I’ve been normal ever since. You can read more about it on my blog here.

4 | Vitalzyme XE

I have stage four endometriosis and adenomyosis. There have been several times over the years that I thought about a hysterectomy because of the chronic pain and heavy bleeding which left me bedridden. This supplement changed my life. The heavy bleeding stopped and I’ve been pain free for a solid three months. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing has ever helped as much as this. It is a systemic enzyme that eats away scar tissue, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and fibroids. It detoxes the liver and helps with digestion. I can not stress how much this has changed my life. Make sure it’s this brand as it’s reformulated and much stronger than other brands. (I have no affiliation with the company… I just love it.)

5 | Feminine Energy —

As a female entrepreneur and someone who has had a history of being bullied, I started to take on too much masculine energy in order to protect myself and become independent and successful. When the masculine and feminine is out of balance, it impacts our reproductive health. I feel a lot better since I began working with my therapist. It’s a delicate balance and it’s hard to be so independent while trying to date. You constantly have to switch roles. 

6 | France —

A huge part of Agent Nateur’s DNA is french! The name, my chemist, the ingredients I buy are all influenced by this incredible country. I’ve been spending so much time here over the last five years and I feel better eating here. I can eat dairy and some meat and not feel the heaviness I feel in America. For me, being healthy is about the quality of what we are consuming. Agent Nateur is known for remarkable, high quality ingredients that are mostly made in France, Germany, and Switzerland. It’s all about the quality of water, food, ingredients, and pharmaceuticals and Europe just seems to be doing all of it better.

7 | My podcast, Nateurious

I feel I have so much to share and Instagram is not a big enough platform. Sometimes a message can get convoluted on Instagram because you only have a minute to talk about something.

Bonus | the fullest’s Saffron Latte — 

I love to make the Saffron Latte with oak milk and a splash of maple syrup served warm!

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