Cleaner Wine for a Cleaner Future

06.29.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Today on the pod, we’re excited to explore the world of wine-making and natural wine with Brian Smith, Co-founder of Winc and Wonderful Wine Co.

Despite having remained unchanged for a very long time, the wine industry is going through a revolution as people become more educated about biodynamic farming and the importance of what they choose to put in their bodies.

After transforming the wine supply chain with Winc, Brian and his team are using the knowledge they’ve gained to venture into the world of natural wine with Wonderful Wine Co. Besides his unending passion for wine education and moving the industry towards a more sustainable future, Brian also brings a data-backed approach to crafting the perfect wine.

Perfect in that it is bio-dynamically produced with minimal intervention, maximal sustainability in mind, and a quality that stands up to the best of the best in the industry. Have we mentioned, they are vegan, paleo and keto-friendly, pesticide-free, and low-carb?

If you haven’t gone natural yet, this episode gives you many reasons to. Listen in to learn what makes natural wines unique and why it’s one of the most exciting changes to come to the wine industry in recent years.

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