A Chat with Forager-Turned-Entrepreneur, Lauren Haynes

06.08.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

If there is one type of life we’ve been dreaming of, it’s the type currently embodied by Lauren Haynes, clinical herbalist, entrepreneur, and founder of Wooden Spoon Herbs. She joins us on the air all the way from the mountains of northwestern Georgia to talk about building a burgeoning business from the ground (where she sources her leaves from) up.

Growing up in Chattanooga Tennessee, Lauren has always been surrounded by nature, but it was her “rabid passion” for plants and herbs that led her down the path of holistic healing. Lauren talks us through starting an herbal tea side hustle by foraging leaves, to helping more people discover herbal remedies, to relaunching her brand in order to build a more sustainable, certified-organic business this month.

Driven by her desire to introduce more people to herbalism, Lauren shows us that learning by doing is a completely valid way to build a business. But having core values — like supporting a hyper-local supply chain and sourcing only organic ingredients — is even more important.

And if you get to live in the wilderness while doing it all, that’s even better. Tune in below!

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