Approaching Death Holistically

06.22.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Death has never been an easy subject, and it’s not just because we dread its approach. According to our guest today, Caroline Schrenk, a licensed funeral director and Founder of Down to Earth Funerals, there simply isn’t enough education around funeral planning and everything that goes into it.

It was through her own father’s death that Caroline felt a deep-seated need for kinder, more human funeral services within the industry. Life after the death of a loved one should be about honoring a life rather than figuring out logistics through a difficult time. As a result, Caroline has been helping families heal after a death through creating plans and rituals around funerals, while also incorporating holistic methods like group yoga and meditation.

As a topic that is almost always accompanied by a cloud of solemnity and grief, if we don’t have to discuss it, we usually don’t. But Caroline argues that being proactive about it all is the best thing you can do for yourself and those who will need to know how to proceed when a death does come. Once you know the right questions to ask, this conversation can quickly transform into a rewarding one that brings you and your loved ones even closer.

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