Seed’s Science-Backed Probiotics Are the Real Deal

06.30.2020 Life
Logan Cross
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Every day, it seems like there’s a new health or lifestyle brand trying to peddle their products under the farce of being forward-thinking and innovative. Oftentimes, though, the most innovative things about these brands are their abilities to make you believe that their products can change your life. It’s a rare brand that can truly introduce something groundbreaking to the health and wellness space without needing to fluff up their products with a trendy social media presence. It’s the rare brands like Seed — a company that’s actually on the forefront of the health industry — that can bring something new to the table and have the science to back it up. 

Seed is a life science and consumer health company that’s bringing bacteria into the human and environmental health space. They develop probiotics (their main one being the Daily Synbiotic) that have been rigorously thought-out, studied, and reviewed by an entire advisory board comprised of scientists, researchers, doctors, and authors across microbiology, immunology, genetics, metabolomics, gastroenterology, and more. 

Ara Katz, one of the brand’s co-founders, noted that their entire board is cognizant of every single stage in the development process at Seed, and she and the team hopes that their own thoroughness could inspire other healthcare brands to do the same. “We’ve strived to create a new standard by applying the rigor of life science to not just our therapeutics, but to our consumer innovations — and if it paves the way for a new class of businesses that also respect and uphold scientific integrity and principles, then that’s wonderful,” Katz says. “But, if a scientific advisory board exists only to “legitimize” a business or incorporate the term, ‘science’, into marketing… then it should not exist at all or should at least be communicated more transparently.”

Katz and her co-founder, Raja Dhir, met through a mutual friend while the former was pregnant. They bonded over a fascination of the microbiome and its impact on humans and the world around us. They combined Dhir’s background in the life science entrepreneur world with Katz’s background in tech and e-commerce, and assembled a team of leading scientists to create and build a platform that delivers products that are based on breakthrough scientific findings. 

On top of their dedication to their cutting-edge products, Seed is deeply committed to translating the scientific jargon that often deters consumers from researching too deep into what they purchase. How many times have you read the back of a pill bottle only to get lost in the science-y gibberish? That’s exactly what Seed aims to rectify.

“We believe too many products and marketing take advantage of what consumers don’t know or don’t understand,” Katz stressed. “This is especially true when it comes to probiotics because the term isn’t regulated.” The brand strongly believes in creating a curriculum, of sorts, that’s accessible to anyone who wants to know more about bacteria and the microbiome, so much so that it’s required of all of their brand partnerships to take the Seed University course (which can be found on their Instagram page). 

More than anything, Seed wants to build a global community of curious and empowered consumers that are inspired to think differently about their health and the world around them. Katz points out that the microbiome is a beautiful, complex ecosystem that lives within us and that seeing so many people come into the awareness of this ‘other half’ is thrilling to watch and experience. “But, the conversation about microbes is just the beginning,” Katz explains. “As microbiome and microbial sciences progress, the potential is vast, not only for the fields of human health and medicine [and the way we prevent and treat disease], but for our food, our homes, our cities, and as we think about finding solutions to some of our greatest environmental challenges.”

Seed is for everybody, even skeptics are welcome. Katz notes that the Seed team welcomes and celebrates those who don’t take the brand at face value, and said that they’re actually the types of people we should all be taking notes from. “They are the question-askers and deeper thinkers,” she shares. “Our interactions with them are no different — we lead with science, present our research, and welcome open and respectful scientific discussion. Many of these have gone on to become our strongest advocates — and one even works on our R+D team now.”

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Logan Cross is a writer, editor, and dancer based in Los Angeles who enjoys fictional podcasts and rejecting her friends’ request to learn TikTok dances. 

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