05.25.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

If you’ve spent any time on wellness (we’re guessing you have), then you’ve definitely come across essential oils, and Vitruvi, in your journey. But this might surprise you: there is a huge difference between your run-of-the-mill essential oils and ones that are produced with the utmost respect for the plants they come from. This is where Sara Panton, co-founder and CEO of Vitruvi comes in.

Sara co-founded Vitruvi with her brother in order to bring intentionally-sourced essential oils to the forefront. With a small check from a mentor, Sara built what is now one of the most respected wellness companies in the industry by taking small, baby steps throughout the years. From calling 50 boutiques a day as her own sales manager to being thoughtful about where she sources her oils (lavender from France, ylang ylang from Madagascar), Sara’s commitment to serving her customers is one of the biggest reasons for her success.

During our chat today, Sara spills the tea on what it’s like to own a company with her sibling, why the essential oil industry needed an update, and how to build a successful business while retaining transparency and integrity. Tune in below!

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