Parsley Health

05.18.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

As humans, we have a tendency to take sides, which is often apparent when we favor holistic health over a medicine-driven approach. But in reality, these two approaches can — and should — work together harmoniously in helping us blossom as human beings.

Such is the perspective from which Robin Berzin built Parsley Health, a primary care system that combines modern medicine with a holistic approach to treat chronic illnesses, and with amazing results at that. Since its inception in 2016, Parsley Health has already reduced its patients’ need for psychiatric medication by 47% — which is not to say that medicine is bad, but rather just one tool in a vast toolbox of ways to heal our bodies.

From moving into telehealth just as COVID-19 hit to guiding her patients through the pandemic with on-demand testing, Robin is leading the way as medicine is going through a transformation.

Listen in as Robin reminds us of the need to invest in public health and a collective effort to fight the virus, because a vaccine is definitely not the answer, at least not soon.

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