Dr. Pejman Katiraei

05.04.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Our virtual podcasting continues as we remain indoors and grapple with the reality that we may not feel confident enough to venture outside for quite a while… which brings us to something we’ve all been mulling over: how will the coronavirus pandemic eventually play out?

This topic becomes much more nuanced when we speak with Dr. Pejman Katirael today. As a pediatrician with two fellowships in integrative medicine, Dr. Pejman challenges us to examine the data we’re given and acknowledge the connection between chronic stress and our immunity. The phrase you’ll keep hearing is: “Do your own research.”

While the future is certainly uncertain, in that uncertainty finding and verifying our own knowledge will empower us to make better decisions.

We also touch on why Sweden’s anti-lockdown approach to the virus should be closely examined and how exactly herd immunity works. Plus, why our conventional vaccine technology is no foe for the coronavirus, but implementing new vaccine tech may not be the answer either.

In short, this episode will give you some answers — and many more questions to think about (and research). Tap below to satisfy your curious soul!

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