Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer is Your New BFF for Many Reasons

05.28.2020 Life
Emily Moore
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NEWSFLASH: shelf stable creamers with clean ingredients actually exist! 

And as we all know, when you’re low on mylk amidst a quarantine, running to the grocery store isn’t the most convenient (and safe) option. That’s why having a high quality mylk powder on hand is a must. This week we’re putting Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer on the product pedestal.

We’ve already covered the ins-and-outs of Goodmylk, so this time around we want to highlight a favorite that’s extremely relevant to the times. With the outbreak of COVID-19, shelf stable products are being bulk-purchased by the masses. However, in conjunction with a longer shelf life often comes many preservative-laden ingredients. As a company that stands behind food as medicine, we know that shelf-stability does not have to be synonymous with compromising quality. 

Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer is made from three simple, organic ingredients: sprouted almonds, maple sugar, and himalayan salt. Organic, vegan, and low glycemic, it’s ready in seconds and keeps in your pantry for an entire year! 

We like to think of Goodmylk as the leading pioneer of alternative mylks. And trust us — there’s a plethora of ways to implement the Almond Latte Creamer into your kitchen assembly. Here’s our top stay-at-home approved recipes:

Saffron Latte

The last thing you want to do is pollute a wellness-boosting beverage with a milk that is chock full of preservatives and junk. That’s why Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer is the perfect companion to our Saffron Latte. Mix one tablespoon of Saffron Latte wellness powder with one heaping tablespoon of Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer. Add 8 ounces of hot water, whisk together, and voila! — you have a creamy, frothy, and potent latte that’s ready in seconds. (There’s no need to leave the house for your morning bevvie when you can craft a dreamy latte with benefits from your very own kitchen!)

Smoothie base —

Whether blending a fruity or nutty smoothie, almond mylk is our preferred liquid base. So naturally, Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer in our morning smoothie is a given. For an extra thick smoothie, use one heaping tablespoon of the Almond Latte Creamer with four ounces of filtered water. Whisk together and follow by adding smoothie ingredients as normal.

Baking —

Goodmylk’s Almond Latte Creamer is the ideal substitute for liquid mylk in your baking recipes. After all, quarantine is the perfect time to cozy up to that cookbook you’ve hardly cracked open. One tablespoon of the Almond Latte Creamer mixed with 8 fluid ounces of filtered water will give you one cup of creamy almond mylk — the perfect plant-based swap for your baked goodies.

By the spoonful — 

Yes, it’s that good!

With Goodmylk’s subscription service you can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly drop offs, delivered straight to your door. For 15% off any Goodmylk item(s) on their website, use code: THEFULLEST.

Emily Moore is a Loyola Marymount University summa cum laude graduate. She is an avid trinket collector, self-proclaimed poet, hot yoga practitioner, and lover of all things found in Erewhon Market (especially the Saffron Latte). She is the community and marketing manager at the fullest. Find her on the ‘gram here.

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