04.27.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

On today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Christopher Gavigan, Founder and CEO of Prima, which makes wellbeing essentials made of broad spectrum hemp CBD. With childhood memories of wandering in deep forests and a reverence for the medicinal powers of plants, Christopher has made a living out of creating ideas and products that protect our earth as much as they benefit us.

This is a defining trend in his career, where he has both led the charge against everyday toxins with nonprofit Healthy Child Healthy World and fully revolutionized the home wellness space at the Honest Company. With his newest venture, Prima, Christopher has continued his quest to discover the best ways we can connect and coexist within our natural world. Whether it’s improving our health through our endocannabinoid system or designing products with sustainability in mind, Prima is proof that business acumen and empathetic design can healthily mesh.

Tune in this week to hear where he gets his inspiration from, how he hopes to positively impact the world, and where he sees the industry going as we deal with the COVID pandemic.

We’re also excited to share that Prima is offering an exclusive 25% discount to listeners of this episode. Use code CTGPRIMA when you check out!

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