Julie Bernier

04.07.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Life hasn’t been easy since we’ve been hit by a worldwide pandemic. While we’re all for staying in all day and living a slower life, there is a difference between hiding in fear and taking this quarantine in stride.

Our guest today, Julie Bernier, is the founder of True Ayurveda and here to help us rebuild our mental and physical resilience through ayurveda. In addition to giving us easy-to-incorporate tips for maximizing our immunity and wellbeing, Julie also guides us through one of her favorite pranayama (breathing exercises) for strengthening our respiratory system and calming our mind. The best part? All you need is you and your body.

While we can’t control the world, we are the creators of our own immunity. Click below to learn how to naturally protect and heal yourself from within!

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