Dr. Sadeghi

04.20.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

We feel extremely fortunate to have Dr. Sadeghi on our podcast today, whose words not only serve to enlighten us, but also empower us to seek our own truth. As a doctor who is well-versed in intuitive healing, Dr. Sadeghi speaks to our psycho-spiritual-physical connections and how cosmic radiations play into the current state of our world.

Things that have frequently passed through our minds lately – the risks of 5G, the coronavirus, our need to re-connect with ourselves – are all front and center in this conversation, albeit in a refreshingly different light. In telling us all about anthroposophical medicine, which by the way, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with after this, Dr. Sadeghi reminds us once again that there are more ways to view current events than just one. And unfortunately, the power to discover these new perspectives is a universal right that we still have to fight for.

But what ultimately draws us closer together is the belief that in forging our own paths through our collective struggle, love and forgiveness trumps all.

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