In the home, your bed is the one spot that feels coziest. Whether you’re a night owl, an early morning riser, or a midday napper, there’s literally nothing better than relaxing in bed and getting some much-needed sleep. Except, of course, if you’re catching those zzz’s on an eco-friendly mattress. 

Chances are you’ve heard of Avocadonope, not the kind you put on your toast — a green mattress company that makes their bedding entirely out of organic, natural ingredients. Founded in 2015, the brand focuses on creating affordable, non-toxic, raw, and biodegradable materials for mattresses, bedding, and furniture. All their products are made with environmentally-conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices across the entire supply chain — from farm to bedroom. Their most popular option, the Avocado Green Mattress is 100% certified organic and the winner of Health’s 2020 Home Award.

Avocado is one of only five mattress chains in the US that have met the Global Organic Textile Standard (the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers). This means their factory contains no toxic chemicals or hazardous workplace situations and maintains a clean and healthy workplace where both product and worker are protected. Everything is handmade in LA, and every part of the manufacturing process is certified organic. It’s all a very official way of saying these guys are green AF.

To double down on their “farm-to-mattress” concept, the eco-friendly company raises free-roaming sheep in the Himachal Pradesh region of northern India that are free to roam and graze on organic pastures, and are tested biannually to ensure there’s no pesticide use. They also co-own an organic latex processing facility with more than 4,000 acres of latex farms. Farmers harvest the sap by hand, and when the trees aren’t in season to be harvested, the company grows pineapples around them. (It takes 12 acres of latex trees for one mattress, but all that work makes the end product totally worth it.)

Since we spend 90% of our lives indoors and a third of that time in bed, it’s important to have clean, toxic-free bedding. (We know we’re not the only ones who wake up with a face buried in pillows.) 

Contaminants like solvent-based and water-based chemical adhesives, flame-retardant chemical treatments, polyurethane-based foams, and synthetic materials are prevalent in traditional mattresses and can even contaminate the indoor air in your home.

If you’re like us, and are completely re-thinking your bedding, Avocado gives you a ton of choices to choose from. If you’re not in the market for an actual mattress, grab an Avocado mattress topper for your bed, or if you’re inspired to re-make your entire room into a healthy, organic, environmentally-friendly oasis take a peek at their complete line of products which includes natural latex and meditation pillows, organic cotton sheets with a super luxe 1,000 thread count, and a full furniture line for the bedroom — beds, dresses, and end tables — all made from 100% reclaimed wood. Because of course they did.

With a name like Avocado, they’re nothing if not green. 

For $125 off any Green, Vegan, and Latex Avocado Mattress order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Marissa Stempien is a freelance editor and writer that loves a good midday nap. With a degree in English Literature and a minor in Asian Studies, she has written on travel, fashion, beauty, technology, culture, and food, and enjoys writing short stories in her spare time. Find her on social media at @paperandlights.

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