With everything going on in the world right now, cleanliness has never been more important. And popular. And downright trendy. 

Everywhere we go (if we do actually leave our safe spaces and venture outside) we’re reminded that we should wash our hands for at least 30 seconds, we shouldn’t touch (elbow bumping is the new thing), and it’s a good idea to change out of, and wash our clothes immediately after coming home. Grocery stores are monitoring how many people are being allowed inside, people are staying six feet away from each other, and news is changing by the hour on how long this worldwide virus is going to last.
As someone who is immunocompromised due to previous health issues (aka: cancer!), I’m taking COVID-19 very seriously. And that means staying out of the local market as much as possible and making sure everything I touch is sanitized AF. 

So it was with a stroke of luck and perfect timing that I found cleancult right when this whole pandemic was just starting to go down. I ordered my Starter Kit online — all purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap, liquid hand soap (which each come in their own glass dispensers), wool dryer balls, natural bar soap, and a handy silicone funnel to ensure refills come with no spillage — and, immediately upon its delivery, got to task disinfecting everything around me. 

Once you have your Starter Kit you basically are set for a germ-free life of self-quarantine, only having to purchase refills for your glass containers when you run out. Rather than plastic bottles, the refills are delivered in paper-based milk cartons, minimizing your carbon footprint — which is something the world needs us all to focus on right now. Because they are a company that really cares about our environment and not just selling a product, to offset any shipping carbon they emit (which is miniscule when compared to other delivery services), cleancult partners with environmental agencies to plant trees, which has earned them official carbon-neutral shipping status.

Much more than a sustainable and eco-friendly brand that’s making a big change in the cleaning sector, cleancult ingredients are made with coconut-based cleaning formulas (think coconut oil and a touch of science) and are pure, satisfying, safe for your skin, and smell great (like piña colada great).

Investing in their glass bottles and using their refill system is also cost-effective, saving you cash every time you would have gone to the grocery store to stock up on conventional plastic products you need to constantly replace.

In addition to their cleaning supplies, cleancult sells detergent tablets that ship in paper mailers, which do an amazing job at keeping clothes stain-free (and also, for me, virus-free, which is a major win right now). Oh, and those aforementioned wool dryer balls? Never have my clothes come out of the dryer more fluffy! 

Even though we’re asked to stay in at the moment, staying home and keeping up the most sparkling clean house on the block doesn’t have to be a chore — it’s a coconut-smelling adventure… piña colada optional.
Starter Kits are affordable ($56 to start, and just $6.95 for each refill thereafter) and come in two sleek options: mosaic if you want a pop of color, and off-white if you want to keep things simple. Get 25% off your first order, using code THEFULLEST at checkout. 

Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of the fullest. Find her all clean and self-quarantined at home in Huntington Beach, on Instagram at @iLikeLindsay, or online at lindsay@thefullest.com.

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