03.09.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Today we sit down with Amy Duncan, founder of CBD skincare line, Mowellens. Amy is a pioneer in the CBD wellness space, helping us tame redness in our T-Zone as well as achieve that hustle mentality that’s so important in this age of the Internet. 

Mowellens is defined as “mental health skincare” and we could not be more on board. Honestly, the thought of blending self-care rituals with the power of plants to give us the glow of our complexion dreams and a more balanced state of mind is nothing short of genius (and also hyper convenient). 

While Amy has created something beautiful for the world, her business was born out of a very difficult time in her personal life. After her husband was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer, she began to dive into the healing benefits of CBD. It would be a deep, powerful, transformative, and heart-wrenching journey that ultimately led her to simultaneously create a new business and shepherd her husband through his final years.

On this ep, you’ll find Amy and Nikki discussing the fact that they always had an inkling they’d be entrepreneurs (when you know, you know), the emotional journey of losing someone to cancer, and all things CBD. 

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