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03.02.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Is Nadine Artemis a reincarnation of Aphrodite sent to 2020 to help us nourish our most radiant and vital selves? We think… yes. 

Today, we couldn’t be more excited to speak to this beautiful creature and one of the world’s true pioneers in feminine health and wellness. As founder of cult beauty brand, Living Libations, Nadine has dedicated her life to helping us tap into nature’s bounty to find peace and longevity, helping thousands of women heal their bodies and define their definition of beauty. 

Most recently, Nadine has provided a new perspective on holistic dental health, that, in our opinion, is incredibly needed and long overdue. Our pearly whites are much more powerful than we think and impact not just our mouths, but our entire bodies. Much like everything else in our capitalist-centric world, we’ve been conditioned to think that only dentists — and fluoride and fillings and root canals — can heal our teeth. But Nadine says that’s just not true, we can claim sovereignty over our chompers — and she tells us how!

Nadine also discusses sunbathing over sunscreen as well as using massage as a tool for optimal breast health (two opinions that also get a lot of raised eyebrows in the allopathic world). However, as you’ll soon see, Nadine is a walking encyclopedia of research-based wisdom and norm-defying truth. Plus, her own luminous skin, presence, and grace is proof that her medicine is clearly working. 

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