02.17.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Today we chat with Platefit founder Rachael Blumberg. 

Platefit is the cult workout that medically lifts your vibration, shimmies away cellulite, and detoxifies your precious lymphs in less time than it takes to watch one episode of Schitt’$ Creek. Originally used by actual astronauts, it’s now officially loved by new moms, lunchtime warriors, and pro-athletes for its ability to merge science, tech, and wellness into a results-backed workout. 

But enough about Platefit because this episode is really about one woman following her intuition and passion all the way to Cher’s living room. 

Rachael is a life-long athlete and first discovered power plates at her local barre class. Immediately, she felt the power of the plate and intuitively knew that she needed to get the message out to the masses. 

We won’t spoil the whole episode by outlining her exact trajectory but, we assure you, Rachael’s story is the perfect case study of taking one baby step towards your dream and letting the Universe come through with the rest (including a romance, a celebrity, and a scalable business model in the area of your greatest passion). 

Let’s just say this ep leaves you with high vibes in your newly ripped body, mind, and spirit.

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