Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for Every Purpose and Surface

02.02.2020 Life
Bee Creel
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Nothing inspires us to ditch old habits and create new routines like the New Year. If swapping out your run-of-the-mill household cleaners is something you’ve wanted to do for a while, this guide will teach you how to make this resolution stick for the long haul. 

It can be really overwhelming to even know where to begin. The best rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning — or life in general — is to start where you currently are. 

Make a list of the cleaning must-haves you use on a daily basis. From there, you can discover what swaps to make. (Most likely you’ll find that your basket of cleaning fluids will shrink in half.) Non-toxic cleaners typically use the same formula for most surfaces, so your investment will be spread across your entire home.

Here are some of our favorite non-toxic cleaners…

Branch Basics Starter Kit —

If you’re ready to go all-in, this one-stop-shop Starter Kit is the solution to all your toxic problems (at least when it comes to cleaning). The Kit includes a bottle of fragrance-free, multi-purpose cleaner and empty spray bottles for all-purpose and bathroom cleaning, hand soap, and laundry. And the best thing about it? A little goes a long way.

*Use code Fullest10 for 10% off all Starter Kits until March 31st.

Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner —

Puracy has everything you need if you’re going au naturel. From baby shampoo to pet stain remover, you can pretty much cover all of your bases here. Puracy also sells microfiber towels, which are a perfect way to keep your cleaning routine eco-friendly. The material is gentle, yet effective enough to wick away the most difficult stains without damaging your furniture or floors.

Saje Wellness

Good news: Your favorite brand of essential oils now makes non-toxic cleaning products. Swap out your dish soap and tub cleaner with fresh, citrus cleaners made from the most essential of oils.

Supernatural Starter Kit 

This starter kit provides four reusable glass spray bottles and four separate concentrates for counters and granite, glass and mirrors, bath and tiles, and wood and floors. We also love the fact that Supernatural plants two trees for every starter set purchased.

Seventh Generation

If you feel extremely loyal to some of your everyday products, you’re not alone. After all, there’s a strong bond of trust that forms when you can rely on certain sprays and dish soaps to wash your problems away. Luckily, Seventh Generation products can replace all of your specifics. Think: Your favorite cleaner to get the toothpaste off your sink or the dust cleaner that removes everything — even the things you can’t see.

Although you have a long list of wonderful non-toxic brands to choose from, you may also decide to take the creative route and play around with making your own formula. Try a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, a splash of citrus (lemon or orange), and a couple drops of essential oils (we love lavender). Either way, your home, visitors, and furry friends will thank you for making this healthy swap in the new year.

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