02.10.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Let us know if any of this sounds familiar to you… 

You’re on birth control. You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, Celiac Disease, or perhaps Hashimoto’s. You suffer from anxiety or depression. From a young age you were told that Adderall was a solution to your “inability to focus.” And honestly, you’re at your personal breaking point. 

All of the above was Vanessa Fitzgerald’s reality. That is, until she discovered nutrition response testing and — immediately — her life changed. She came to realize the power of nutrition, authenticity, and listening to the body to create wellness platform, VeesHoney, where she shares the story of healing herself through various studies and experimentations, and now helps others do the same. (Just read her testimonial page for a mega mood-booster.)

Join us this week for a highly educational (and also relaxed and hopeful) ep, as we chat nervous system alignment, muscle testing, and the impact of 5G and chemtrails. No fear mongering here… just empowering firsthand tips. Win, win! 

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