Surya Spa

02.03.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

Kapha. Pitta. Vata. Nope, not a sorority — they’re vedic doshas. 

Headed up by Martha Soffer, Surya Spa uses food as medicine, coupled with vedic astrology, mantra, vastu (ayurvedic feng shui), and yoga to help countless women and men get back into balance. Renowned in wellness circles as the authority of modern Ayurveda, Martha blends her comprehensive knowledge, intuitive healing talents, and simple, yet elegant aesthetics. 

From humble beginnings in a beautiful Brentwood abode, Surya Spa has now expanded and are moving into the Proper Hotel in Santa Monica. Celebrities, yogis, and those looking for serious alternative healing have been floored by her results. In particular, her Surya Spa grain-free bread has gained cult status and is now sold commercially around Los Angeles, her seven-day Pancharkarmas are said to be life-changing, and her postpartum care has been heralded by new mothers as both supportive and empowering (a welcomed alternative to a western medical system and Internet culture that often creates confusion and fear). 

While it may seem like she’s always been the Queen of Ayurveda, this wasn’t the case. She shares her roots as a computer scientist until a sprinkle of destiny put her on a completely different path. 

Listen in to get the full download on this incredible thousand-year-old healing science, learn how to find your own dosha, and discover ways you can apply ancient teachings into today’s world.

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