Why All the Babies Is All the Rage With New Moms

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Sable Massingill
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Oat milk and chocolate milk… sounds delicious, right? Now imagine these as colors on cozy, organic, gender-neutral, layerable baby clothing basics and you’ve got a new kind of baby brand called All the Babies. New to the scene, they launched in September of 2019, but the concept had been years in the making. 

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, it was daughter, Jenny Drew who originally had the idea at the age of 18. After an injury in high school left her unable to play soccer in college like she had planned, Drew applied to school in Paris and found herself working as a nanny.

“I was an au pair to these three beautiful French babies, and I was so inspired and enthralled by the simplicity of their clothes, fabrics, and how easy it was,” Drew remembers. 

“At the time, this simplicity didn’t exist in the US, it was all ‘girl basics’ or ‘boy basics’ — either bright pink or baby blue. I wanted to create something timeless and beautiful that would last.”

The budding entrepreneur also recognized how quickly children grow out of their clothes and knew she wanted to create a clothing line for babies that would solve the problem, whilst merging the worlds of fashion and philanthropy. After returning to the States, Drew and her mother brainstormed and eventually came up with their ‘Wear, Grow, Give’ idea — thus, the birth of All the Babies.

What is so unique about their brand — other than their neutral colors and design (their current collection includes short sleeve bodysuits and harem crop pants) — is the fact that they offer parents the option of sending back their gently used All the Babies clothing, which they then reuse, hand delivering the discarded goods to a baby in need. 

For young Drew, who doesn’t yet have babies of her own, building the brand with her mother was a full circle moment. “When my mom was pregnant with me, she and her friend would make these little sample, one-off baby clothes,” she explains. “We went into storage the other day, and I was thinking, ‘Mom, this is everything I see in my head that I want to make.’ It is so connected.”

Production wise, the duo are hands on at every source — from the fabric supplier to the factory to even packing each order from Drew’s home garage in Santa Monica. 

“It’s great to see all of it because I know it’s ethical,” Drew says. “We save all of our cut and scrap fabrics. I don’t want to be another fashion company that is adding waste.”

Indeed, they use low-impact dyes which are better for both the environment and children’s skin, and each piece is made with 100% organic and natural fibers (which break down easier, allowing the brand to re-create their warings into new textiles and fabrics).

And that’s not all for All the Babies. Drew believes the company has a much bigger mission than clothing, with a responsibility to share stories and cultivate community. On the horizon is All the Babies hosted events, which will create a space for moms to share their stories. It’s a play off of what they currently offer with their online Mom to Mom Stories, a series in which Drew talks with moms about matters like postpartum stages and support. “We really want to provide a space for moms to feel welcome and have community,” says the future mother.

And we have a feeling when Drew does have kids, she’ll know all there is to know about babies.

Check out All the Babies offerings online at allthebabies.co and stay up to date on new styles and events on Instagram at @allthebabiesco. 

Sable Massingill is a writer, connector, and entrepreneur exploring the intersection of wellness, culture, and travel. You can find her in the window seat on her next flight, at sablemassingill.com or on Instagram at @sablemassingill. 

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