Vintner’s Daughter Knows Their Skincare (and Their Wine)

01.31.2020 Life
Lindsay DeLong
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It has become the darling of the wellness industry. From goop to Vogue to The Wall Street Journal, everyone is raving about Vintner’s Daughter. With only two products — Active Botanical Serum and their latest, Active Treatment Essence — the boutique skincare line out of Napa Valley has made a name for itself so concrete they don’t need to add anything else. 

“We only create game-changing, category-defining products. We only want to give extreme value to our customer’s lives,” says founder April Gargiulo. 

“We are not a revenue-driven company, we are a skin-driven company. Our drive isn’t to fill your cabinet, our drive is to change your skin.”

Hailing from a family of world-renowned winemakers, Gargiulo knows that it takes a deep understanding and respect for the process, in addition to a focused attention to detail, quality, artsmanship, and craftsmanship to truly make a luxury brand.

A lifelong sufferer of acne, when she looked at the skincare products she had been using for years — ones that were all top-of-the-line — she was shocked. These were supposed to be the best-of-the-best and they were full of low quality filler, toxins, and usually just .01% of the active ingredients they advertised. “For me,” she recalls, “none of that added up to what was supposed to be the very finest of something. The only thing luxury about the skincare I had been using was the pricetag.”

She wanted to bring back the old school idea of luxury to create the most effective, safe, multi-correctional, and quality skincare line. 

Through a methodical, gentle, and temperature-controlled process that began with whole plants, each batch spanning over a period of three weeks, the Active Botanical Serum was born in 2012. With over 60 skin beautifying minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, omegas, fatty acids, it is everything your skin needs to be at its very best, in the most optimal ratios.

After amassing unparalleled success (and an almost cult-like following), seven years after their debut they launched their second product, Active Treatment Essence, in 2019. Different from their first (Gargiulo describes it as being “night and day in the most complimentary, yin and yang kind of way”), Essence penetrates down to seven levels of skin whereas the Active Botanical Serum focuses solely on the top layers. When used together (first Essence, then the Serum) your skin is receiving total nutrition and protection that delivers unparalleled results.

It’s old world luxury from a woman who holds her skincare to the same grandeur level that she holds her wine. Now that’s skincare we can trust. 

Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of the fullest. She was sold at “wine.” Find her on Instagram at @iLikeLindsay or via email at

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