Supercharge Your Business by Clearing Limiting Beliefs

01.08.2020 Career & Finance
Nadia Gabrielle
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Calling all entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, business owners and practitioners! 

We may think it’s our smarts, dedication, and/or our passion that plays the biggest role in running a business, when actually, it’s our subconscious programming that’s really running the show.

Our conscious minds (the part of us responsible for thinking, analyzing, and goal setting) are only in charge 5% of the time. For the remaining 95% of the day’s hours, we are run by our subconscious, comprising of the observations and experiences we’ve made during childhood. These formulations become our beliefs and can be either empowering or limiting, depending on what we experienced during those formative years.

Because of the fact that (even as our adult selves) we are run by such non-self chosen programming, our entire lives are essentially a reflection of our subconscious beliefs — as are our businesses.

Any inner work we commit to ultimately manifests itself in our careers. Simply stated, if you as a person are the driving force behind your business, subconscious work is part of your business development work. Building the tolerance to sustain the visions we consciously work towards is a part of business building. Rewriting decades-old narratives about not being good enough, ready, or worthy is an investment in your business as much as it is in your personal life.

Your own subconscious landscape will be as unique as you are; however, there are some foundational topics that are more or less universally relevant to entrepreneurs looking to uplevel. Here are three of the most common blocks to address in order to supercharge your biz in 2020:

1 | “Who am I to…?”

If this is a familiar tune it was probably internalized a long time ago and reinforced over the years. Because of this, the impact of finally addressing it will be felt across all areas of life and business, including your creative process, marketing, and sales strategy. 

2 | “Do I really deserve this?”

If you carry deep-seated shame, guilt, or anything you’d consider a shadow aspect, it will likely affect your ability to not just reach, but sustain the goals you set for yourself. When we operate from a basis of guilt or self-hatred, we unwillingly inhibit ourselves from creating and keeping whatever it is we desire — whether that’s a specific Q1 goal that we subconsciously don’t believe we’re deserving of, or success as a more general concept.  

3 | “Just one more re-brand!” 

This can be substituted for any type of activity you may be using to delay getting real and showing up. If you’re of the mindset that you need just one more certification, one more mastermind, or one more website redesign, you may want to look deep inside yourself to see that it’s actually your subconscious that needs the attention.  

While mindset work is generally acknowledged to be a worthwhile investment for business professionals, there might still be a tendency to question the ROI (return on investment) yielded by more energetic practices that also work with the mind, below consciousness. In the professional world, this type of approach can make a huge impact.

When it comes to matters historically linked with survival — think lower chakra topics — our actions will be strongly influenced by our subconscious (the primal part of us that wants to remain safe). However, “safe” in the eyes of the subconscious equals keeping us securely within the confines of what we know and what we have come to believe to be true. 

Chances are, in order for you to reach your strategic (and conscious) targets in business, you will be required to move beyond the limitations of what is classified as safe and predictable.

You can either struggle against what 95% of your inner driving force urges you to do, or you can add a few months of dedicated inner work to the calendar to clear the limitations of your programming and align your beliefs about what is true and what is possible for the goals you want to crush in the real world.

And that? Well, that’s just smart business.

Nadia Gabrielle works with entrepreneurs from all over the world on aligning their energetics with their strategic goals so they can say sayonara to the hustle and do business from a place of ease. Find her at or at @_nadiagabrielle on Instagram. 

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