01.13.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

As more women take control of their reproductive health, many are looking towards more natural and sustainable options. 

In today’s episode we sit down with Meika Hollender, the co-founder of Sustain Natural, a condom and tampon company that uses all organic ingredients and supports fair-trade practices. 

Since starting the company with her dad (the founder of natural cleaning company, Seventh Generation), Sustain has grown immensely — largely in part to the modern woman’s demand for vagina-friendly products. 

Meika chats with Nikki about tackling the stigma around condoms and how difficult it was to find a rubber plantation with a sustainable business model, before diving into the necessary evils of raising money and the ways in which it has freed up her business to be more impactful. 

If you’re interested in sustainable business, serial entrepreneurship, or women’s sexual wellness, this one is a very safe bet!

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