Pop Up Grocer

01.19.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

On today’s episode we couldn’t be more delighted to snack on the wisdom, smarts, and loveliness of food marketing guru, Emily Schildt. 

Last year, Emily created the Pop Up Grocer that scooped up all of Instagram’s favorite brands and displayed them perfectly in one physical store that included primary colored shopping baskets, actual trees, and the cutest slogan tees. It was correctly described by TimeOut Magazine as a millennial’s dream grocery store and by wellness fangirls (ourselves included) as the “Best. Store. Ever.” 

Pop Up Grocer first popped up on the streets of New York City and is caravaning its way across the country to Los Angeles for an arrival of February 2020. Today, Emily is here to chat about the inception of the idea, her journey in branding, and tips on how to start your own event series or pop up. 

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