Heather Culp

01.05.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

If the fullest was a two-day weekend we like to think it would closely resemble Mercado Sagrado, California’s annual creative and healing arts fair. Founded by today’s guest Heather Culp, it’s basically a transformative experience that blends wellness and Woodstock. 

Nestled on a ranch in Malibu, Heather has created a place that feels authentic, truly healing, and ethereal. 

But how did this entrepreneur come to leave her New York lifestyle and birth such an event across the country in the hills of LA? Heather shares with us the sprinkle of destiny that hooked her up with her ultimate business partner (Mel Nahas from Conscious City Guide) paired with a little New Mexico magic, urging the two of them to get to work organizing the fest of our health conscious dreams.

In today’s episode, Heather talks about her journey, her thoughts on Mauna Kea, and how we all need to make healing more inclusive.

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