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Making Wellness Inclusive with NW Bulk Market

Logan Cross
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If you feel like your social media feeds are filled with health influencers who all look and act exactly the same, you’re not alone. Frankly, it can start to feel disheartening when you don’t see yourself represented in the typical health and wellness images splattered across social media. That’s why Nicole Capetta, the founder of NW Bulk Market and the food blog Lettuce Turnip The Eats, decided to enter the realm, determined to make a change. 

“It started as me posting healthy recipes, and it grew into kind of a health food influencer brand situation,” says Capetta about her journey. 

“In the beginning, I didn’t feel like I looked like someone who deserved to have a voice in the wellness space. I really had to come to understand that wellness is a feeling, and it’s more than just what we eat or how we look.”

She quickly found a community of people who also felt frustrated with the (vegan) cookie-cutter mold of what it meant to be in the industry and wanted to take the next step in her influencer career. Instead of having brands come to her, she sought to create a platform that was mutually beneficial for her and for the various companies she worked with. That way, she could support these usually smaller brands and help get their names and products out there. With this in mind, Capetta launched NW Bulk Market in June of 2019. 

An online farmer’s market that sells clean, handcrafted food and wellness products, everything NW Bulk Market promotes is made with real ingredients by real people. Their intention is to be an online market that shoppers can trust — no gimmicks or filters needed. 

Similar to how one can get to know the person behind the food at a farmer’s market, NW Bulk Market places an emphasis on promoting the people behind the products. 

Capetta, a working mother of two, wants her market to shake up the way small businesses get into the retail world (as it’s a typically tough space to break into unless you start out with a good amount of capital). “Unfortunately as companies grow, quality goes second to making money,” explains the entrepreneur, who hates when small brands lose their integrity as soon as they gain mainstream traction.

“I’m trying to create something that doesn’t really exist in the health space today,” she continues. “I’m trying to create a brand that is not only inspired by living clean, but one that is also relatable for customers, which is something we’re always trying to push… our approach to health and wellness is more inclusive, and people can still participate without subscribing to any influencer lifestyle.” 

Capetta’s online market is home to a wide variety of brands for a wide variety of prices. She knows that “buzzword-y” products can run expensive at some retailers, so she’s conscious of making sure there are affordable options for every budget. 

And although she didn’t initially intend for this to happen, all of the products that are currently listed on the site are made by women-owned companies.

As for future exciting launches, Capetta is working hard to curate a line of products designed by your favorite Instagram food bloggers. Products will include dry mixes like pancake mix and energy powders, as well as other kinds of everyday products. The first launch came out in mid-November, but if you’d like to see what’s next, make sure to keep an eye out on their Instagram and website for any exciting new updates for NW Bulk Market. 

Logan Cross is a writer, editor, and dancer based in Los Angeles. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter, or listening to every fictional podcast her phone allows her to download. 

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