Throw Out Your Resolutions, and Start a Ritual

12.26.2019 Life
Lindsay DeLong
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As the year wraps up, we tend to go deep inside ourselves to manifest the lives we truly desire. What can we do differently next year that will better enhance ourselves? Be on social media less, work out more, be more patient partners, parents, employees, etc. A new year serves as a restart, bringing resolutions and setting big goals — and hoping for quick results.

But change doesn’t happen overnight. If we want to really change something, we need to work at it. Every day. 

That’s why we love Ritual, a wellness and multivitamin company that’s reinventing the way we view our daily routines.

With transparency at the forefront of their mission, they’ve reimagined what the modern day multivitamin should look like and encapsulated nutrients that women are often found to be lacking in their diets into a reinvented multivitamin. 

With their line of three products: a clinical-backed multivitamin for women 18+, a prenatal vitamin for those with pregnancy plans or pregnant (a personal favorite at the fullest HQ), and their most recent product — a multivitamin for post-menopausal women (that we’re gifting our own moms this year), they’ve covered most of the bases, no matter how many years of resolutions you’re coming up on. 

Ritual has made taking your multivitamin a simple and enjoyable process (they’re beautifully packaged and taste minty!), encouraging people to pause each morning to focus on their every day progress — not just a goal refresh once a year. They know that small beginnings can have big endings, and have a mission to make taking your multivitamins easy to incorporate into a routine.

They are a brand that believes better health begins with better ingredients. 

So this year, throw out the resolutions, and start a Ritual.

Try out Ritual now — happiness guaranteed!

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