This IMMORDL Elixir is a True Latte-Changer

12.13.2019 Arts & Culture
Julia Piantini
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IMMORDL originally began as a nitro cold brew on tap at some of LA’s most popular health spots. But once the drink shifted to its current “ready-to-drink” status, it became available in markets all across Southern California — from San Diego to Santa Barbara. 

The healthy energy elixir is made up of 100% Arabic coffee, maca, wild-harvested rhodiola, guarana, coconut milk, and cold-pressed chia MCT oil (all organic). When mixed, these ingredients work together to give you the energy you need without the crash, headache, or brain fog that inevitably follows after drinking “traditional” coffee. And, as if that wasn’t incredible enough, maca and rhodiola are adaptogenic herbs, meaning the herbs adapt to your body and work to maintain a state of equilibrium and have been known to be extremely helpful in combating stress. Additionally, maca is known for lowering blood pressure and balancing hormones while rhodiola is thought to improve thyroid function. 

IMMORDL co-founder and CEO, Scott Holmes said it took about a year to come up with the first formulation after Johnny Bailik, a former client of his, approached him with the idea for an energy product in powder form. “If we can make a drink, I’d be interested,” Holmes told him. The pair began working closely with Mark McCoy (whom Holmes jokingly calls a biohacker), to perfect Bailik’s formula and create an organic drink that was free from synthetic caffeine, preservatives, and artificial flavors. In doing so, they also stumbled upon something that was not only energizing, but also delicious and, best of all, healthy. 

“We’ve made an alternative drink that you enjoy drinking, while also feeling its positive effects,” says Holmes.

It is common knowledge that while energy drinks might be effective at giving you short-lived bursts of energy (emphasis on short-lived), they are not exactly good for you. “Your body doesn’t know how to assimilate to synthetic caffeine, so that’s why you get the jitters and feel uncomfortable,” Holmes explains, adding that the combination of fat from both the chia seed MCT oil and coconut milk naturally release caffeine, which is much easier on your body. As an added bonus, the chia seed oil is packed with amino acids, nutrients, and omega-3s, all of which your brain loves and needs, trumping its more commonly used competitor, coconut MCT oil. 

Focused on creating an all-around quality product, IMMORDL beverages are packaged in recycled aluminum bottles to ensure sustainability. It is a tiny detail, yet an amazing reflection of the ethos of the company. 

In the journey towards living a healthier and more vibrant life, small actions matter just as much as the big ones. Choosing a better beverage to give to your body is just as profound as taking a yoga class or sitting down to meditate. Transformation and raising your vibration is done from the inside out, and that must include what you put in your body. A person’s morning coffee is considered a ritual for a reason — and maybe through IMMORDL we can make that ritual sacred again.

Julia Piantini resides in Miami, Florida and is a freelance writer and contributing writer to Coral Gables Magazine. For daily musings and thoughts follow her on Instagram at @julia_piantini.

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