In addition to rye being affordable and zero waste, it has naturally occurring saponins and is the same pH-level as our scalp, which makes using it as a whole earth ingredient hair wash very convenient.

A perfect match for curls, as well as straight, fine, or thick hair, shampooing and conditioning with rye flour gives your mane a natural shine, a boost in volume, and leaves room for personal touches (add essential oils or make a double batch to store in the fridge for your next wash). 


2 tablespoons whole rye flour 

1 cup freshly boiled water 

1 glass jar with a lid

1 nut milk bag 


1 | Add flour to your jar and carefully pour over the hot water. Add the lid and shake (use a tea towel if you’re heat sensitive).

2 | Let jar sit for a minimum of 10 minutes. 

3 | Strain rye/water mixture through a nut milk bag over a wide glass. (Really get your hands in and squeeze all the gooey liquid out of the flour — you’ll want every last drop.)

4 | Bring your glass of rye liquid into the shower. Slightly wet your hair and evenly distribute rye liquid over your entire scalp. Massage thoroughly for 20-30 seconds. Take a few deep breaths while at it to make this a grounding moment. 

5 | Rinse off rye liquid a few seconds longer than you normally would regular shampoo. To be sure you get it all out, do a quick last rinse with cold water. Nervous system regulation due to the cold water is a bonus!

6 | Brush and dry as you normally would. 

*Hot tip: Save the grain ’pulp’ in the freezer to use in baked goods for a completely zero waste circle.

**Makes enough for one wash.

Elenore Bendel Zahn consults and creates content on sustainable living and accessible wellness. She bridged these two focus points and built a “Green-ish Home” in nature, where she and her family live in Sweden. She is launching her new brand ’Modern Rituals’ in the spring of 2020, complete with a platform, courses, and much more. Look for her musings on staying centered in the everyday business of life, on Instagram.

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