Dr. Angie Sadeghi

12.24.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

At the fullest we cover many different perspectives on wellness that sometimes push against western medicine. However, we believe that physicians from all modalities have wisdom and healing advice that we can learn from and use to make our own decisions. 

Today we’re sitting down with Dr. Angie Sadeghi, a board-certified gastroenterologist. Dr. Angie uses her traditional medical training with a focus on a plant-based diet to advise her patients, promoting a practical and balanced approach to health. 

She gives us a number of eye-opening health advisories including advise on colonics and how they can actually strip our bodies of needed bacteria, and how our systems are already constantly detoxing so there’s really no need for fasting or juicing. Rather, the Newport Beach based doctor urges us to focus on eating clean organic food and living as stress-free as possible. 

Dr. Angie’s sentiments may not be the quick fix we’re constantly searching for, but sometimes balance is the magic pill. Tune in here!

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