Dr. Deepika Chopra

12.10.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week, Nikki sits down with Dr. Deepika Chopra — optimism doctor, happiness researcher, and founder of THINGS ARE LOOKING UP. 

Deepika began her career in the male-dominated world of investment banking, and, although she learned a lot about independence, knew it wasn’t the right fit for her. After some coaching from her father and a soul pull to travel, she found herself in Japan — learning less about finance and a whole lot more about herself. 

This experience — coupled with a unique upbringing that blended the spiritual and the scientific — ultimately led her into “non-traditional” psychology. Digging deeper, she found a number of holes in the system and soon began researching evidence-based manifestations and visual imagery. Today, she is highly sought after by clients across the world for her unique title as “The Optimism Doctor.” 

In this episode, Deepika shares positive rituals, color therapy, the importance of life purpose, and just how many days it realllllly takes to break a habit. After this episode, we’re definitely feeling up and the future is looking even rosier.

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