Alexis Haines

12.03.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

From reality star to recovering from reality, today’s guest has a powerful journey of transformation. 

Alexis Haines grew up in LA and was born into a traumatic childhood that included an alcoholic father, a boundary-less mother, and a distressing rape at just five-years-old. As she grew into her teens, Alexis dabbled with drugs and alcohol to numb the trauma, and eventually found herself infamously embroiled in the Bling Ring, a group that grabbed media headlines for its celebrity burglaries. This misstep landed Alexis in jail, but — as with many rock bottoms — it was a true blessing in disguise and catalyzed her sobriety journey. 

Now, Alexis is a married mama of two babies, and is a podcast host and the founder of numerous connection-based recovery centers around the country. This episode is a true healing story, one full of unexpected plot twists and turns… and ultimately a happy ending.

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