Adalina East

12.31.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week Nikki sits down with Adalina East, a transformational healer who channels messages from the spirit for — you guessed it — transformational healing. 

After working with survivors of violence for the United Nations, she began to empathically feel the pain and struggle of others. At the same time she was going through a divorce, which initially resulted in anxiety and OCD, but ultimately catalyzed her to recognize her own spiritual gifts. A culmination of these experiences, Adalina realized she had suppressed the gifts she had learned as a child from her Native American grandmother, a third-generation healer and medicine woman. After a decade-long career in social work, she returned to her healing path, one that incorporates NLP, tones, and empowers people to connect with their own guides. 

Today, Adalina talks us through her own practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation and the importance of diet, connecting to spirituality, mantras, and EMF protection. If you’re ready to enlist your team of celestial coaches, this one’s for you.

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