Alongside today’s trending health climate trails a plethora of vitamin and supplement companies that claim their good-for-you products will help improve sleep, dissipate joint pain, lose weight, have more energy, de-stress, detox, and [insert long list of health ailments here]. It can be downright overwhelming as you comb through the hodgepodge of wellness jargon and fine print to process, understand, and select just what remedies will work for you

Cue STAMBA, a holistic line of ingestible vegan supplements and liquid probiotics created from organic superfood blends, antioxidants, and gluten and GMO-free ingredients that are catered to fulfill and maintain the optimization of the consumer’s health.

Long story short, STAMBA is the golden ticket — as Willy Wonka would say — of the vitamin and supplement industry. 

Founded in 2009, the mission of STAMBA stemmed from the founder and CEO, Asa Siegel, as he embarked on his healing journey in pursuit of optimal health. In his early 20’s, Siegel suffered from a wide range of issues — mood swings, painful digestive and prostate issues, and low energy levels — that hindered his ability to enjoy life to the fullest. After repeatedly trying and being disappointed by innumerable nutritional healing options, he turned to traditional wholefoods and set out to discover an easy fix for healthy nutrition. 

Adopting the idea that food is medicine, Siegel spent years researching, developing, and testing the combination of the most powerful and nutrient dense superfoods cultivated by the grandeur of the earth’s plant kingdom. With quality and sustainability in mind, STAMBA makes a conscious effort to only source their powerhouse ingredients from nature’s greatest gems: the Pacific Northwest, the North Shore of Kauai, Chile’s tropical rainforest, the ancient farmlands of Peru, and the luscious fields of Thailand. 

With STAMBA, Siegel aims to bring out the best in people through the convenient consumption of their wholesome products — ones that vow to deliver healing, vitalizing, and rejuvenating qualities to the minds and bodies that strive to live a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Today, STAMBA presents five outstanding products, each customized to adhere to a certain lifestyle or specific health need: 

STAMBA DAILY are vegan capsules loaded with a balanced blend of potent superfoods geared to providing key nutrients to nourish your vital systems from the inside out. This consciously crafted health-giving capsule delivers energy, reduces inflammation, and strengthens the immune system. 

STAMBA TRAVEL equips wanderlusters with an organic superfood medley packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to combat digestive issues, improve jet lag response, and boost immunity. It’s a convenient pill that every traveler needs to have in their back pocket, no matter the destination.

STAMBA PERFORM is a superfood powder concoction fueled with multiple nutritional factors that help your body achieve a superior level of performance, whether that be at work or play. 

STAMBA CREAMY MACA MATCHA is a delicious superfood tea fusion steeped in antioxidants and steady energy infusion, and will serve as your go-to pick-me-up from an afternoon slump. Just add hot water with the required serving and drink up — you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of your day, stat. 

STAMBA REPLENISH is an organic liquid probiotic created with super greens. Carefully crafted as a clinically proven probiotic strain, it supports healthy digestion, glowing skin, mood improvement, immune balance, and nutrient assimilation, and is great for individuals of all ages! 

Through their virtuous mission and premium products, STAMBA continues to provide individuals with vitality and nourishment for a life that is well lived. 

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